NNKreations is a brain-child of Neha Khanna. The inspiration for this venture has been the long-thought desire to have a genuine ethnic marketplace.

This thought took shape from the fact that many e-commerce has been offering ethnic and Chikankari dresses. But there were plenty of issues like not genuine products and lack of reliability. These issues have made it impossible for people to buy Chikankari dresses easily.

Chikankari is basically an embroidery art technique, intricate in nature with a unique grace and elegance as subtly as the wearer pleases. This art originated from Lucknow with Persian influences and features floral art with shadow stitching (Bakhiya) & multi-colored pastels. The timeline of the product is elaborate and products are hand-made.

NNKreations want this rich heritage to be conserved and accessible to people across India. We see ourselves as enablers and medium to make this reach all people.

NNKreations as an organization believes in taking along everyone on this journey. Artisans form the main cog in the wheel of our itinerary. We aim to aggregate all of these and providing them as a permanent employment source. Women form a critical part of this supply chain and professionals artisans.

Our Products

Go Glocal and Make In India are the main focus of our Productline. The hand-made Chikankari products listed on our marketplace are procured from a dedicated artisans team. The stringent quality-certification assures the quality and genuine nature of products being procured. All this is uniformly maintained for a stream of complete product for an unhindered streak of quality and greatness.

  • Quality-assured Products
  • Reliability
  • Trusted partners

Our partners

Our partners comprises of professional product creators from whom we procure quality products. We believe in building long-term relationship with our trusted partners. Most of the professionals are women groups and MSMEs. Despite a slowed economic activity in the lockdown during Covid-19, we ensured that our partners didn’t take a hit.  From initiation of product procurement to final packaging of the ethnic Chikankari products there is a set quality checks that are followed in full military-like spirit. All this measures ensure no blip in quality to our customers.

To summarise, our Company’s vision:What you see…You’ll get!