Neha Nikhil Khanna is not just another e-commerce brand. But there is an interesting story about it and specifically Neha Khanna. She is the one who came with the idea of an ethnic Chikankari marketplace. The story originates from the past employment of Neha Khanna. There was a monotonous color code for dressing at the workplace.

This is where Neha’s creativity and color-love interest kicked-in.

She experimented with a lot of dresses and designs within the ambit of the color code of the organization. In the process, she came across Chikankari products,lucky pharao online which impressed her completely. This is when the entrepreneurial idea struck her. It was an Apple falling-from-the tree moment for her. She developed immense interest in Chikankari and saw it from a business perspective. As a trial, she sourced the products from professional artisan groups, and to her pleasant surprise, it received positive feedback.

The NNKreations materialized with Neha Khanna color obsession and urge to break free from the monotony. The brand has only grown from being a small-scale, one-person to an online market-place. Most people are always looking for genuine, ethnic wear in this segment of Chikankari. NNKreations aims to provide just that.

Neha Khanna believes in the simple fact that “we should be confident and comfortable in whatever we wear, irrespective of body shape and size”. 

This free-spirited and bold attitude have made her materialize her dream.